Astrid Dannenberg at the Economics Research Seminar


The guest of our teaching and research area Prof.Dr. Astrid Dannenberg of University Kassel holds a research presentation on "Naming and shaming" of individuals and groups in a public goods experiment.

The presentation takes place on tuesday, 10th of may 2016 (17.30 - 18.45 pm) in room WiÜ (5th floor), Templergraben 64.

Abstract: Previous research has shown that revealing players’ identities increases cooperation in public goods games. In this paper we experimentally investigate whether this finding holds true when decisions are made by groups rather than individuals. We find that groups contribute more than individuals in the anonymous public goods game when no information about contributors is revealed. Especially at the beginning of the game, when it is not yet clear how the other players will behave, groups are more willing to risk a high contribution. However, while we confirm the positive effect of identification on cooperation among individuals, we do not find such an effect for groups. This indicates that “naming and shaming” works for individuals but not for groups.