Short CV

  • 05/2013-03/2019: Associate Professor (W2, non-tenured), RWTH Aachen University
  • Previous position: Lab Manager, Erfurt Laboratory for Experimental Economics, eLab
  • 2008: Heinz Sauermann-Award for research in experimental economics
  • 2007: Dr. rer. pol. in Economics, University of Erfurt
  • 2001: Diplom-Volkswirt in Economics, University of Bonn


  • Virtual humans as co-workers: A novel methodology to study peer effects, 2019, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics , 78, 17-29, with Andrea Bönsch, Thomas Kittsteiner und Andreas Staffeldt. Paper
  • Leadership with Individual Rewards and Punishments, 2018, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics , 74, 57-69, with Thomas Lauer, and Martin Scheuermann. Paper
  • Peers at work: Economic real-effort experiments in the presence of virtual co-workers, 2017, Virtual Reality (VR), 2017 IEEE , 301-302, with A Bönsch, J Wendt, H Overath, C Harbring, C Grund, T Kittsteiner, and T Kuhlen.
  • What makes people go to war? Defensive intentions motivate retaliatory and preemptive intergroup aggression, 2016, Evolution and Human Behavior , 37: 29-34, mit Robert Böhm und Hannes Rusch
  • On Cooperation in Open Communities, 2014, Journal of Public Economics , 120:220-230,
    with Bernd Irlenbuschand Bettina Rockenbach, paper
  • The Effect of Payoff Tables on Experimental Oligopoly Behavior, 2012, Experimental Economics , 15:499-509, with Reinhard Selten, research article
  • The Competitive Advantage of Sanctioning Institutions, 2006, Science , 312:108‐111, with Bernd Irlenbusch and Bettina Rockenbach, research article

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