FAQ on AIXperiment

Who is allowed to participate in experiments?

Anyone, who is able to visit the (unfortunately not barrier-free) rooms of AIXperiment in Aachen. Our experiments are designed and conducted in German. Therefore, you may only participate if you are able to read and understand German very well.

Who is allowed to use AIXperiment?

The laboratory is primarily for institutes of the RWTH's business sciences with a focus on economic experiments. Students can also take advantage of AIXperiment for their final thesis.

What is an economic experiment?

In economic experiments, (economic) decision-making situations are simulated. The laboratory offers the possibility to observe the behavior of the subjects under controlled conditions. Exact control of the environment makes it possible to analyze the effects of variations of individual factors.

How can I register for an experiment?

If you are interested in participating in an economic experiment, simply register on the AIXperiment homepage. We invite you to experiment by e-mail regularly.

Can I earn money with AIXperiment?

Yes! When participating in experiments, you can earn about as much as a well-paid student job. The exact amount of the payout depends, however, on your decisions and, if necessary, on the decisions of other experiment participants. In addition, randomness often plays a role.

Do economic experiments hurt?

No! In economic experiments, economic decision-making situations are simulated in computer-based games. Often economic experiments are fun.

Where can I find AIXperiment?

The laboratory rooms of AIXperiment are located in Lochnerstraße 4-20 (Haus B), 52064 Aachen.

How long does an experiment take?

Experiments last between 30 and 120 minutes. In rare cases they can also last longer. You are always informed before the participation, which duration is to be expected.