Experimental Economics in Virtual Reality


Real Effort on the Holodeck: Experimental Economics in Virtual Reality

The project was presented for the first time in January 2014, as part of the RWTHtransparent.
Start: September 2013
Authors: Özgür Gürerk, Christian Grund, Christine Harbring, Thomas Kittsteiner, Andreas Staffeldt
Cooperation partner: Virtual Reality-Gruppe (RWTH Aachen University)

Introduction and establishment of a new experimental method in the field of experimental economic research in addition to classical laboratory and field experiments. In so-called "immersive virtual environments," we can perform realistic experiments while maintaining (even increasing) control over experimental settings. The external validity increases.

Worldwide first use of Virtual Reality in economic "real effort" experiments, for this purpose we developed, together with the Virtual Reality-Group RWTH, an application for our VR Lab. aixCAVE. (Abstrakt)

Understanding the Behavioral Drivers of Execution Failures in Retail Supply Chains: An Experimental Study Using Virtual Reality

Authors: DeHoratius, Nicole and Gürerk, Özgür and Honhon, Dorothee and Hyndman, Kyle B.

In a video of the study, you can see how a participant interacts with virtual objects. The task is to remove objects with specific properties from the virtual assembly line and sort them out in a box. Here you can read the paper.

Experimental Economics in Virtual Reality

Advantages of the new experimental method.