Here you will find information on selected projects of our teaching and research area:

  • DFG research project "Experimental Studies of Determinants of Effective Leadership",
    Duration: September 2013 till August 2015
    Partners: Prof. Dr. Özgür Gürerk, RWTH Aachen University and Dr. Thomas Lauer, Universität Köln

    Kickoff-Workshop at the 3rd of Dezember 2013

  • Research Area MOE research project Experimental Economics in Virtual Reality,
    Start: September 2013
    Partners: Özgür Gürerk, Christian Grund, Christine Harbring, Thomas Kittsteiner and Andreas Staffeldt, all RWTH Aachen University
    Cooperation partner: Virtual Reality Group (RWTH Aachen University)

    Pilotstudy: aixCAVE in January 2014
    Abstract: Gift exchange on the Holodeck

  • An Experimental Study Using Virtual Reality. Avatars at Work: Do peer effect exist?
    Start: July 2014
    Partners: Prof. Dr. Özgür Gürerk, Andreas Staffeldt, Prof. Dr. Torsten Kuhlen, Dr. Bernd Hentschel, Andrea Bönsch,all RWTH Aachen University