Gender and Diversity


Consonant with RWTH Aachen University, the School of Business and Economics regards equal opportunities and gender diversity amongst employees to be decisive components for ensuring an innovative and lively academic environment with excellent research and teaching standards.


Plan for the Advancement of Women

Gender and Diversity Copyright: Peter Winandy

The Equal Opportunity Employment Law of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, came into effect on November 9, 1999. It served to further the goal of equal rights for men and women (§1), stipulating that every employer with at least 20 employees must provide a 3-year plan for the advancement of women (§5). RWTH Aachen University's plan for the advancement of women is composed of a framework plan for the University as a whole and individual plans of faculties, schools, administration and central service units. At the end of the 3-year period, the plans have to be reviewed and updated. During the 3-year period, current statistics are compared with those of the previous period and findings are published in an interim report. For the School of Business and Economics, the plan for the advancement of women was elaborated by the previous Dean, Prof. Michael Bastian, with the active support of his personal advisor, Ms. Bettina Rollersbroich. Ms. Rollersbroich is also the School's representative for the promotion of equal opportunities.



Bettina Rollersbroich

Geschäftsführerin der Fakultätsverwaltung


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