Doctoral Defenses


Dates for Doctoral Defenses

Fri., April 5, 2019 Ms. Carolin Pommeranz

Semi 90, Templergraben 90, room 209 (2nd floor)

10:00 hours

Climate Risk and Real Estate: Mitigation and Adaption Strategies for the Housing Market

Fri., April 5, 2019 Mr. Timo Mauerhoefer Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room B 301 (3rd floor) 11:30 hours

Information technology capabilities in new product development: A comprehensive analysis of antecedents and outcomes

Wed., April 10, 2019 Mr. Nils Martin Eiteneyer Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room 037 8:30 hours Digital innovation in startups: Antecedents, mechanisms and outcomes of new product development in reward-based crowdfunding ventures
Wed., April 10, 2019 Ms. Sarah Greven Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room 037 10:30 hours Scientists’ Academic Engagement: An Individual-level Perspective of Antecedents and Outcomes
Thu., April 11, 2019 Mr. Christian Burmeister Büropark, Kackerstr. 15, room Se1 17:00 hours Essays on Business Model Innovation and Open Value Creation
Thu., April 25, 2019 Mr. Albert Czerny

Sammelbau, Templergraben 64, 5th floor, room 5.17 (WiÜ)

16:00 hours EU ETS and Its Effects on European Carbon-Intensive Companies
Thu., April 25, 2019 Mr. Nael Ahmad Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room B 301 (3rd floor) 16:30 hours

How can corporates boost their innovative performance by new venture acquisitions? The role of pre-acquisition relationships, strategic and organizational similarity, and new ventures' innovation capabilities