Testimonials of Selected Aachen – Tsinghua Strategic Partnership Awardees


Philipp Niemietz
RWTH Department of Computer Science

Dr. WANG Dawei
RWTH Institute of Highway Engineering

Prof. HU Ming
RWTH Institute of Mineral Engineering

Short Term Study Program Entrepreneurship
YONG Wen-An.jpg
Pofessor YONG Wen-An
Tsinghua ZHOU PEIYUAN Centre for Applied Mathematics
Xu Shengli.jpg
Professor XU Shengli
Tsinghua Department of Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering
Ceren Ayerdem.jpg
Ceren Ayerdem
RWTH Faculty of Architecture
Junior-Prof. HU Ming
Dr. XU Ben
Tsinghua University School of Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Berno J.E. Misgeld
RWTH Philips Chair of Medical Information Technology
Denise Fischer
RWTH Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group (WIN)
Professor WANG Bing & XIE Qiaofeng
Tsinghua School of Aerospace Engineering
Yuan Jie.jpg
Dr. YUAN Jie
RWTH Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics
Joint Student Workshop.jpg
Joint Student Workshop at Tsinghua University on „Modern Combustion Engines: Fundamentals, Development Trends and Alternative Fuels“
Lin Yuping.jpg
LIN Yuping
Tsinghua Department of Industrial Engineering
Tobias Knobl
RWTH Business Administration for Engineers and Natural Scientists (WIN)
Waltraud Steinmetz
RWTH University Language Center
Zhang Zhihai.jpg
Professor ZHANG Zhihai
Tsinghua Department of Industrial Engineering
Christian Windisch.jpg
Christian Windisch
RWTH German Research School of Simulation Sciences & IGPM
Ding Wuwen.JPG
DING Wuwen
Tsinghua Department of Optical Engineering
Sebastian Vinkenflügel.jpg
Sebastian Vinkenflügel
RWTH Faculty of Mechanical Engineering