What is RWTHonline?

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RWTHonline is an integrated campus management system which will be implemented across RWTH starting in the winter term of 2018/2019. A pilot phase was launched for the 2017/2018 winter semester. On December 4, the application and admissions management functions and the student and fee management functions in RWTHonline will go live. According to the project plan, all other RWTHonline functions will be available by summer 2018.

RWTHonline will replace the systems mainly used at RWTH so far, namely CAMPUS and HIS. The basis of RWTHonline is CAMPUSonline, a system developed at the Technical University of Graz. TU Graz has adapated CAMPUSonline to RWTH's needs. The introduction of RWTHonline is one of the two central goals of the PuL Project.

Members of the University, in particular employees who will be working with the new system, find further information on the introduction of the new software on the intranet: RWTHonline Info Portal (de).

In the middle of September 2017 an information event was held for the introduction of RWTHonline.

Students in the courses of study participating in the pilot operation, the Chemistry Bachelor’s program and the Political Science Master’s program, please refer to the information provided on our web page concerned with the pilot phase.