Alumni Magazine "keep in touch"


Issue 66, Winter Semester 2018/19

"The matter of research is very close to my heart"

The German publication "Handelsblatt" celebrated his whiz-kid status in its May issue. Dr. Jan Kemper, born in 1980 began his career as an investment banker at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

From December 2010 to May 2017, Kemper was online-retailer Zalando SE's Senior Vice President Finance. While there, he very successfully supervised Zalando’s 526 million euro market debut in 2014. The startup quickly rose to publicly traded M-Dax company status– the biggest milestone for Jan Kemper in his career so far.

Since June 1, 2017, Jan Kemper has been Chief Financial Officer at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE.

In addition to his top-level position with the large media corporation, Kemper is currently pursuing his qualification as a professor under the tutelage of Professor Malte Brettel. In our „keep in touch“ interview he talks with us about his very successful career thus far, but also about his thoughts on educatíng students in the future.

Further topics:

  • "Excellence Strategy – A Really Good Day for RWTH:" The international expert panel appointed by the Joint Science Conference of the Federal and State Governments (GWK) has approved three funding proposals for Clusters of Excellence submitted by RWTH, one of which has been jointly developed and submitted with the University of Cologne and the University of Bonn. This makes RWTH Aachen one of twelve German universities who have received funding for more than one Cluster of Excellence and thus, along with TU Dresden and the Technical University of Munich, one of the most successful universities of technology in the nation.
  • "Help for Children with Cardiac Disease – RWTH Researchers Develop Biological Pacemaker:" At the Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering at RWTH, a team of researchers is currently developing a biological pacemaker for pediatric cardiac patients. The team led by Professor Stefan Jockenhövel has been able to reconstruct a so-called AV node from human skin cells
  • Aachen Cathedral is twelve hundred years of constructed history. In 1978, it was the first landmark in Germany to be listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. In 2018, Aachen citizens gathered to celebrate this designation during a week of festivities from September 22 to 30, featuring events that presented the Cathedral in a singular, spectacular way - be it in a religious or cultural way, through music or individual experiences.

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